Elena Ford requested a summit of Ford creative agencies to invent new, innovative ways for Ford consumers to interact with the brand. I was selected with a small group to represent GTB.

The “Rapid Innovation Summit” was held in a hotel in downtown Detroit and we were split into teams made up of various agency personnel and a Ford executive. Over the course of three days each team came up with a concept and on the last day we pitched it to the summit attendees and Elena Ford.

Our team’s concept was called “FordPass”. Two years later it’s now live and a critical piece of Ford’s connectivity strategy. What we pitched and what is live now are quite different in focus, but the concept is still felt in the production experience. The production experience rolled in the best bits of each team’s ideas and plenty of new stuff.


  • Conceptualization team member
  • Rapid Innovation Summit attendee
  • Created the HTML presentation for our concept using Slides
  • Was the in-car connectivity SME
  • Piloted the RC car that demoed proximity based interaction in our live demo