SXSW 2014 Exhibit

GTB (Team Detroit at the time) hosted panels and discussions at SXSW 2014. To augment some these we added a “Tech Lounge” for attendees to browse and learn about tech. I created a “connected corner” which demonstrated in-car connectivity with a smart home.

I wrote and demonstrated relatable user stories that showed how and why connecting your smart home to your vehicle could inform, motivate and facilitate common scenarios and problems faced by travelers and home owners.

A large array of tech was deployed including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, neo-pixels, wifi, http, synchronized vehicle data streams, GPS, Android, Node.js, IFTT, Z-wave and bluetooth.


  • Exhibit facilitator with over 100 talks in two days
  • Designed and built modular home facade (my wife made the curtains)
  • Wrote user scenarios
  • Designed IOT architecture
  • Implemented Ford APIs, SmartThings, API and custom APIs