SXSW 2015

With the success of our 2014 Tech Lounge we returned to SXSW in 2105 with a mission to take users on a tech journey while learning about their specific interests.

We had exhibits discussing topics like wearables, virtual reality and augmented reality. Wanting to start the experience with some extreme, out-of-the-box marketing tech, I created an “extra sensory” marketing exhibit. Originally I wanted to demonstrate multiple senses, but zeroed in on touch after finding and researching David Eagleman’s work. I built a rough copy of the Eagleman vest that communicated through the skin. I proved the technology is possible during each talk with a crowd participant by taking them through some learning stages throughout my presentation.

The vest was powered by an Arduino and a Photon. Other items in the presentation included a smart light bulb that I built and an 80’s pager that I stripped of 80’s components and connected to the internet.

The response was incredible. People were blown away. Some cried. The work Eagleman is doing is mind blowing and am honored to share it and demonstrate how and why it’s useful now.


  • Exhibit facilitator, talked with 100s of people gave over 100 talks
  • Designed and wrote presentation
  • Built a story telling presentation system that controlled and responded to connected, real world objects
  • Designed and built a wifi connected prototype-looking vest that had an array of vibration motors that “spoke” in patterns to communicate to the wearer
  • Built a web app interface to draw vibration patterns and output them into C arrays for the arduino
  • Built a wifi connected RGB smart bulb
  • Wrote creative briefs and designed the flow and form factor for exhibits
  • Worked with on-site builders, contractors and network team